Xtreme Distance Registration

Registration will be complete upon submission of this form AND receipt of registration fee.  Check event websites for details about each event venue.

Registration fees are per dog -- $20 for one event, $5 for each additional event. For example, a dog entering Lite, Classic, and Unlimited would have a $30 registration fee.  Two dogs entering the same set of events is $45  Please PayPal nielsenfm@yahoo.com, or contact Rick at that e-mail address to get mailing information if you prefer to write a check.  Preregistration closes Thursday noon before the event weekend.  After preregistration closes, late registrants are allowed but a $5 per dog late fee is added. Prepay before day of event.  Day of event fee payment is accepted with a $5 per dog late fee.

Contact Rick at nielsenfm@yahoo.com for questions about the event you wish to enter.