Southeast Disc Dog Events

"Southeast Disc Dogs is an informal group of disc dog enthusiasts that sponsor disc dog competitions in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and North Carolina.  Dahlonega Action Dogs acts as one of the hosts for SEDD events, and coordinates registration, judging, and awards.

You may register for any of the events listed below by using the following links:


Xtreme Distance:


Local D/A:

Standard Fees:

  • Our fee structure is as listed below except as noted in the details of each event.  Some small events in venues that require higher usage fees may force us to raise registration fees to meet expenses.  Changes from standard registration fees will be rare.
  • Please PayPal and PLEASE ensure the "Send  to friends" PayPal option is showing below the amount you entered to pay on the PayPal screen.  If it isn't, just click the blue "change" .
  • Because of the pandemic, we are not accepting day of event registrations or taking payments in person.
  • Running orders are determined before the events.  Please avoid asking for changes to the running orders on day of event, since the running orders are preprinted.  We will make every effort to send out the running orders night before the event.  Any changes must be made before the event starts.
  1. Classic:  These are typical fees that MAY be higher or lower, depending on the venue and expenses.  Fees are per dog team.  For each Open division, $30 per team, first dog, $20 for each additional dog.  For each Sport division, $25 per team, first dog, $15 for each additional dog. For each Pairs FS team, $ 35 per team.  
  2. DiscDogathon:  Fees for DDaT may vary based upon cost of venue or size of the event, so check the specific venue to be sure.  But, in general, fees are $35 for one dog, add $20 for each additional dog.
  3. Xtreme  Distance:  $20 for first dog, first event.  Add $5 for each additional event, regardless of number of dogs.  E.g., one dog in lite, classic, and unlimited is $30 Two dogs in those games is $45.