Discdogathon Registration

February 28, 2021:  The Brightside DiscDogathon, at The Brightside in Dacula, GA.  Preregistration and Prepay mandatory for competitors.  Preregistration closes at noon Thursday February 25, 2021.  No day of event registrations because of COVID-19 precautions.

March 21, 2021:  March Madness DiscDogathon at The Brightside in Dacula, GA.  Preregistration and prepay mandatory for competitors.  Preregistration closes at noon Thursday March 18, 2021.  No day of event registrations because of COVID-19 precautions.


The  DiscDogathon Preregistration closes a few days before the event starts.  See specific event for actual preregistration closure date. No day of entry registrations accepted.

Preregistration fees are $35 for one dog, add $20 for each additional dog. Please PayPal to nielsenfm@yahoo.com, and PLEASE use the "Send Money to Friends" tab on PayPal so we can avoid the PayPal fees.  Thanks!

This form can be used to register four dogs with one handler.  If more dogs need to be registered with the same handler, use an additional form.

When submitting this form PLEASE click the "SUBMIT" button.  A screen should appear thanking you for your submission.  If this screen does not appear, your form was not successfully submitted!


Paying fees.  Fees may be paid in advance by PayPal to nielsenfm@yahoo.com.  Please use the Note section to indicate who you are and which event you are attending.  Also, PLEASE use the "Send to friends" (not "for goods or services") feature to avoid PayPal fees.  You may also pay cash or check day of event.  Or you can pay in advance by mailing a check made out to "Dahlonega Action Dogs," specify the event on the note line of the check, and mail to Dahlonega Action Dogs, 298 Wesley Lee Rd, Dahlonega, GA. 30533.  Please ensure delivery before preregistration closure date.