Classic Registration

Georgia Police K9  Classic: February 16 at Mill Creek Park in Statesboro, GA.  Preregistration closes at noon Thursday February 14.  Registration fees are $20 per dog for all Open games and $15 per dog for all Sport and Pairs FS games.  Registration or payment after noon on Thursday December 20 incurs late fees of $10 per dog per game.  PayPal to, select "send money to family/friends" to avoid PayPal fees..

Fees for Classics:

These are typical fees that MAY be lower, depending on the venue and expenses.  Fees are per dog team.  For each Open division, $20 per team.  For each Sport division, $15 per team.  For each Pairs FS team, $15 per team.  

Note:  This form can be used to register four dogs with one handler.  If more dogs need to be registered with the same handler, use an additional form.

When submitting this form PLEASE click the "SUBMIT" button.  A screen should appear thanking you for your submission.  If this screen does not appear, your form was not successfully submitted!